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  1. A water landing is, in the broadest sense, a landing on a body of water. Some aircraft such as floatplanes land on water as a matter of course. The phrase water.
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Shot with a Sony Handycam DCR-PC10 A collection of my three most popular crosswind videos from Kai Tak in a compilation. Try an HD version.. Home REAL WORLD LANDING Cathay Pacific 777 Crosswind Landing Kai Tak Airport. Taken from the checkerboard used for the approach into Kai Tak Boeing 777 Crosswind Landing Cathay Pacific at Hong Kong Kai Tak. DIY PVC pipe Steadycam featuring RC Planes at Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport most amazing crosswind landing s at hong kong kai tak ariport. CRAZY Crosswind Landings At Madeira Funchal Airport Portugal - Aircraft Landing Aborts Bad Landings Filmed from the checkerboard used for the approach into Kai Tak. Overshoots and then lines it up just to get caught in the wind...again. Unedited. You can hear another enthusiast in the background with a scanner. A Japan Air Lines JAL Boeing 747

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A JAL Boeing 747 Freighter landing at Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport (closed) in 1998. Taken from the Checkerboard. Five DAUNTING Stars. Upon the initial viewing of this 1998 video of a JAL Boeing 747 freight jet landing at Hong Kong's infamous Kai Tak, the international airport at the time, it seems.. Kai Tak was built in 1925 on reclaimed land in Kowloon Bay, opposite Hong Kong Island. Amid strong crosswinds, the aircraft overshot the runway and both the nose and wing ended up in the harbor YouTube - Top Ten Crosswind Landing Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 1998 Japan Airlines Boeing 747 YouTube Filmed from the checkerboard used for the approach into Kai Tak. Overshoots and then lines it up just to get caught in the wind...again. Unedited. You can.. 1 Crosswind Landing Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 1998. Filmed from the checkerboard used for the approach into Kai Tak. Overshoots and then lines it up just to get caught in the wind...again

In aviation, a crosswind landing is a landing maneuver in which a significant component of the prevailing wind is perpendicular to the runway center line. Aircraft in flight are subject to the direction of the winds in which the aircraft is operating One of my most popular videos showing a Boeing 747 doing a crosswind landing at the, now closed, Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong


Check me out on: Youtube: dskxalive Twitter: FSX_YOUTUBER Just a quick video from me. This time showing a Swiss MD-11 landing at Kai Tak. Please do not show hate for the title or that the landing was not perfect. After-all, this is Kai Tak! Any comments and thumbs uo will be apprieciated Crosswind landing at Kai Tak Airport. Fly With Me https://cdn2.wimp.com/videos/335ef056420bb8f9698ebd03e2d0daf3_landing.flv.hq.mp4 Planes over Hong Kong Landing Kai Tak Airport 1998 香港 啟德機場. Cockpit Video landing 747 Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 香港 啟德機場 Rain FSX PMDG 777 Landing at the old Kai Tak airport, runway 13, in Hong Kong Watch me land with the PMDG 737-800 NGX with crosswind from the Approach and landing at Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong. Please like, comment and subscribe and thanks for watching! Addons used: PMDG 777 FlyTampa..

Kai Tak Airport 1998. The aircraft is landing on runway 13 on the now closed Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong. Because of mountains a 47 degree visual right turn an short final was necessary Extreme Crosswind Landing Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 1998. из альбома Авиа , автор ystas14 Crosswind Approach and Landing Techniques. The sideslip approach and landing can be challenging both mentally and physically on the pilot flying and it is often difficult to maintain the cross control coordination through the final phase of the approach to touchdown

Kai Tak was very different to most international airports because it was right in the city, recalls Chapman. Lion Rock (a prominent hill in Hong Kong) blocks the standard straight-in approach; thus planes had to make that special turn over Kowloon City while landing on runway 13 [FS2004] Kai Tak Crosswind Landings The Checkerboard Approach. Air China Boeing 757 Kai Tak Heavy Crosswind Landing هبوط في اجواء عاصفه في اخطر مطار بالعالم. FS2004 MD-11 Crosswind Landing. Kai Tak Landing - A320. JAL 747 Crosswind Landing Version H.264 Test Here is one of a pilot for JAL landing a Boeing 747 in 1998 in extreme crosswind conditions at the Hong Kong Kai Tak airport (source: AIRBOYD). The airport has been closed (obvious reason being the crosswind conditions). The technology to detect the crosswinds, the training that goes into making.. Kai Tak airport (also known as the Hong Kong International Airport) The only runway it had stretched out into the harbour, with a high density of buildings and mountains in close proximity, combined with tricky crosswinds, landing at Kai Tak was infamously difficult, as demonstrated by these videos Good crosswind landing at end... Поделиться этим клипом. Описание клипа. Taken from the checkerboard used for the approach into Kai Tak. Good crosswind landing at end..

Kai Tak Airport (IATA: HKG, ICAO: VHHH) was the international airport of Hong Kong from 1925 until 1998. A Japan Air Lines JAL Boeing 747 for the approach into Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong. The plane overshoots and then lines it up just to get caught in the windagain Flight Simulator 2004. Airport Flytampa Kai Tak. Crosswind Landings during a Storm, Extreme Aborted Landings and Incredible Go-Around Landings Consistent crosswind landings should be accomplished using a crab technique. Due to its long span, and highly swept wing, the airplane should If your aircraft allows you to land in a crab, the maximum (demonstrated or limiting) crosswind will determine just how much of side load the manufacturer.. Taken from the checkerboard used for the approach into Kai Tak. Boeing 747 Hard Crosswind Landing >>. סרטונים פופולריים ביוטיוב. נועה קירל ואגם בוחבוט - אצל הדודה >> :[{id:20582119,title:UPS Boeing 747 Very Hard Landing At Cologne,url:http://coub.com/coubs/ez0lw/remix,image:https..

Boeing 777 Crosswind Landing Cathay Pacific at Hong Kong Kai Tak. FSX Multiplayer Kai Tak Landing Competition Results (Top 10) Öne Çıkan Videolar. Ultimate 747 Crosswind Landing Hong Kong Kai Tak (1998) Landing at Kai Tak Airport Boeing 707. Cockpit Video Landing Hong Kong Kai Tak In The RainAIRBOYD. Amazing Cockpit landing in Hongkong Kai Tak VHHH / VHHX ( old airport , one of the most dangerous airports in the world ) and music by Reese Whiterspoon. Today, Kai Tak is a cruise ship terminal. Many captains who flew into it are retiring. But the images survive — taken during the last days of film photography, they And this is what Kai Tak looked like in 2010, on its way to becoming a cruise ship terminal able to berth the largest cruise vessels in the world

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Crosswind landings can be one of the most stressful things for pilots, especially if you haven't practiced them in awhile. In most cases in light aircraft, the wing low method is an easier way to accomplish a smooth touchdown in a crosswind landing. To fly the wing-low method, you use your.. VIDEO Boeing 747 Extreme Crosswind Landing Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 1998 Japan Airlines Tokyo Drift A JAL Boeing 747 Freighter landing at Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport (closed) in 1998. Taken from the Checkerboard

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Видео: YouTube / AIRBOYD.. Kai Tak only had one runway (referred to as 13 in one direction and 31 in the other). So the runway approach at Kai Tak looked harrowing because it involved a last minute sharp turn at low altitude often with crosswinds working against a clean completion of the turn resulting in so called crab landings Kai Tak is NOT hard to land on, it only requires some attention and you need to knwo what you are doing. These Guys didnt!! If there was a stiff crosswind it doesn't seem to be reflected on the rudders of the parked aircraft in the foreground. To me it looks like the end result of a poorly executed.. If you have ever struggled to stay aligned with the centerline with zero sideways drift while landing in a stiff crosswind, this mini-course will give you all the secrets to make it a breeze. In-flight footage and clear teaching will give you the perspective you need to nail it—every time Mastering Crosswind Landings. When it comes to crosswind conditions, experience counts. The value of regular crosswind takeoff and landing practice becomes evident when you get caught with no choices. I learned this lesson on a flight in my Cessna 170 to the Baja California peninsula a few..

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Extreme Crosswind Landing Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 1998. Boeing 777 Cockpit video Landing Hong Kong International Airport 香港國際機場. 1080p AIR china 747 landing bellycam onboard 747 Extreme Drift Crosswind Landing Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 1998 Japan Airlines Boeing

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Kai Tak-flyplassen i Hongkong var fra 1925 til 1998 Hongkongs hovedflyplass. Den ble oppkalt etter eiendomsutviklerne Kai Ho og Au Tak. Den var inntil den ble stengt en av verdens vanskeligste moderne storflyplasser å lande på.. Kai Tak was originally a small grass landing field for the RAF and numerous flying clubs and flight schools. The documentation for Kai Tak is quite thorough, but in my opinion, is out of order. It begins with a set of charts for Kai Tak including approach (Both runways), and two airport diagrams

Those landings were always hard because half the time there was a cross wind. Unfortunately the video does not give the true experience that you get as a As a air force buddy who flew for Cathay Pacific told me, the first time into Kai Tak was frightening, but after 100 landings, it got a little boring Crosswind Landing - EDDH. By Guest IGB, March 3, 2008 in Squadron Bar. Infrastructure is much better at the new airport with it being much easier to get in and out of it. I would still take Kai Tak though anyday, nothing beats the old 90 degree turn at the checker board and staring at the people eye to.. Crosswind and Dangerous Landings! Extreme Wind and Storm. A special thanks to: Plane Coming In, Maho Beach, Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten: Martin Lewison (flickr.com/milst1) Kai Tak Hong Kong Airport: first clip from Roto Moto.. Ah, landing at Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong used to be the life. From 1925 to 1998 it was the only airport with access to Hong Kong. Landing on Runway 13 always provided entertainment for the pilot and folks on the ground, but probably a lot of fear for those sitting in the back of the aircraft

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Kai Tak started as a rural airstrip, then became more like a real airport during the Japanese occupation of WWII. Here's the thing about Kai Tak, though. It's nestled between mountains on the water in what is a very The landing at the new HK airport is a lot more boring. Which, frankly, I think I'm okay with Landing is one of the difficult technologies in the basic control of aircraft, but it is a movie in which adverse conditions such as crosswinds overlap. The playback of the movie is from the following. A movie that gathered lots of landings in crosswinds Kai Tak Extreme Landings. Airbus A380 Extreme Crosswind Landing. AIRBUS A330 200 Air France plane crash Accident Fl... World's Most Dangerous Airports (Kai Tak Approach)... A380 Landing very short runway!!!! Worlds worst landings and crashes!

With winds at Bradford Leeds Airport in the north of England still hitting speeds of more than 30mph — days after the storm has passed — landing at the Kai Tak was particularly challenging, due to its heavy crosswinds and it location between Hong Kong's harbour, high rise buildings, and mountains Alitalia Airlines MD-11 Crosswind Kai Tak - Aviation, Aircraft, Flight, Airplane, Videos and Movies Crosswind landing in A330. Posted by pavlos at 12:26. FSX Concorde Taking off @ princess juliana interna... Crosswind landing in A330. FSX 777-200 take off landing @ Kai tak Hong Kong KAI TAK Airport - One day of classic planespotting at this unique place. Emirates A380 lands at Birmingham, 22nd March 2016. The Smallest Boeing 747 Versions In The World. CROSSWIND LANDINGS during a STORM at Düsseldorf - AIRBUS A380, Boeing 787.

Concorde aborts crosswind landing. 737-700 Low Visibility Landing (Cockpit View). 737 cockpit video - takeoff and landing practice. 747 Boeing-(Extrem Landing St Maarten- Manchester)... Boeing 747 Takeoff Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 香港 啟德... Brazil air crash still not solved - 18 July 2008 Awesome crosswind landing video. January 7, 2012 by Ben (Lucky) 24. Check out this awesome video that was uploaded a couple of days ago capturing several crosswind landings and takeoffs on a stormy day at Dusseldorf Airport. There are a bunch on YouTube from the old Kai Tak in HKG The Hong Kong's old Kai-Tak Airport approach is not the easiest one, especially with a strong cross wind. As the procedure requests, this Boeing 747 performs a crab approach: the rudder is used to maintain the aircraft heading, and the aircraft is kicked straight with the rudder just before touchdown

[TABLE BORDER=0 WIDTH=700][TR][TD] I wanted to try an approach to runway 13 at the infamous Kai Tak airport, so I set up a flight from Kansai. Despite a low cloud ceiling, a decent crosswind, and ATC trying to fly me into a mountain on.. A Polar cargo aircraft lands at Hong Kong's Kai Tak airport on the final day before it's closure. Hundreds of Hong Kong people gather onto Kai Tak Airport's rooftop car-park 27 June, 1998, to capture a momento of planes making their approach toward the runway Kai Tak was and still is one of the airports most loved by aircraft spotters because of the breathtaking approaches that had to be followed by the arriving aircraft that had to land on the only runway. The world famous approach to RWY 13 brought the aircraft in a descending path above Western Kowloon.. Kai Tak Airport and Tung Tau Tsuen in 1962, via richardwonghk on Flickr. Take-off in 1969. Courtesy Daryl Chapman, flickr.com/photos/darylchapman. S landing in the 1970s (in German - Hong Kong footage from around 6:30). via BenZ-fotos on Flickr. The airport saw a number of incidents over the.. VIDEO Strong 37kt+ CROSSWIND landings and takeoffs at Newcastle Airport. VIDEO FINAL LANDING: British Airways Boeing 747-400 G-BNLK Landing at St JustPlanes visited the amazing Kai Tak Airport in 1995 for some incredible runway action

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